Child Safety

As you may be aware, the new child safety regulations regarding the length of pull cords into effect on the 31st March 2014, the following is a simplified version of the new regulations.
All cord and chains lengths on verticals, rollers must be at least 1.5 metres away from the floor and secured to the wall with a p clip. All clips are free of charge with our blinds and is fitted with each and every blind. When ordering from us we will advise you about this new regulation and we will tell you that all of our blinds must be made child safe. Vertical blinds can be made with a wand operated system at no extra cost.
When fitting your blinds they must be made child safe with no exception.
We cannot supply any domestic blinds with longer cordweights or longer cords than legally allowed.

For any further information please call us on 01455 886 992 or 07766 771 895.